According to Bloomberg News, New York City’s apartment sales are hot, and popular restaurants are filling up by the day. But underneath all that, twice as many people are unemployed compared to the seasonally adjusted U.S. average. At 7.6%, the city’s unemployment rate is among the worst of major U.S. Cities. On the positive side, this means that the pool of available talent has actually doubled! But many challenges still remain.

To be successful in a noisy, crowded marketplace like New York – especially after an exhausting pandemic when your message may have been obscured by health and safety announcements – the importance of corporate branding becomes even more crucial. Consistent, compelling and engaging – great branding helps companies reach out to various stakeholders, while clearly communicating your products, services and overall mission to the buying public.

Your brand has the power to attract and retain top talent, and let potential employees know that you’re a great place to work. This builds a strong bond with current and future employees, translating to higher profits and increased word-of-mouth advertising. Further, a strong brand will increase the net promoter score and employee retention rates. As a result, it will be easier to attract new staff.

Great Employer Branding Inspires and Motivates Employees as They Return to the Office

Let’s face it – branded swag (especially when it’s personalized) keeps employees motivated. Whether it’s water bottles, clothing, monogrammed journals – or even stickers – branded merchandise helps your staff feel like members of a team and motivates them to proudly display your logo.

Creating an environment that makes employees feel good about returning to the office can help you create a positive and more productive work environment. Focusing on the positive aspects of the transition – particularly getting back to interacting with co-workers – can be a huge boost for morale. With an effective corporate brand, staff retention and satisfaction will be at an all-time high.

Branding Tips That Attract Zoomers and Millennials to Work for Your Company

Your corporate branding must not only make employees feel excited about returning to work, but also focus on recruiting young, highly trainable, and motivated people – particularly GenZ “zoomers” in their late teens and early twenties, and young millennials in their 20s and 30s. This generation grew up with the internet at their fingertips – and with new technology announced on a seemingly daily basis. They’re as comfortable on their mobile as they are a keyboard. They look for companies (and brands) that value collaboration, align with their social causes, encourage creativity and input – and provide a positive work/life balance. Eager to contribute to the success of your company, you will reap the benefits of inspired and energetic new employees who connect and relate to your brand.

Want to attract zoomers and millennials to your workforce? Consider this:

  • While salary matters, equal emphasis is placed on how you contribute to your community and society in general.
  • They prefer to work for companies whose values are aligned with their own.
  • Their lifestyle views social concerns just as important as the technology they use.
  • They need – and expect – to be part of any emerging technology in your company.
  • Training that conveys information in an interactive format, as well as personal, hands-on instruction from your staff, is appealing.
  • Having a social media presence is expected.
  • Systems and apps that can easily be accessed on mobile devices – as well as on laptops, desktop, or tablets
  • Personal fulfillment is more important than success perceived by others.
  • Participating in a job as part of a team is more fulfilling than working alone.

The Rewards of Branding for Recruitment

Strong corporate branding shows potential employees that you’re a great firm to work for, builds strong bonds with current and future employees, keeps everyone highly motivated and encourages teamwork. From a bottom-line perspective, all this translates into higher profits, increased word-of-mouth advertising and reduced recruitment costs. A well-defined corporate brand will absolutely make your talent acquisition easier. Make your branding as personal as possible so those you interview feel like they already know you.

Finally, as the world emerges from an exhausting and isolating two-year pandemic, realize that daily face-to-face interaction with welcoming management and friendly, helpful co-workers may be just as important to a new recruit as the amount of their pay.

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