At ABG Print, we are not just keeping pace; we’re leaping ahead to make this year extraordinary for our valued clients. In the spirit of the Leap Year (who doesn’t love an extra day?), we want to emphasize how choosing ABG can give you more time and efficiency in your day. It’s the smart move for 2024. 

A Leap Year Advantage

A leap year occurs every four years, bringing with it an additional 24 hours. We recognize how important extra time is, which is why when you choose ABG Print, you don’t just get exceptional service and fast printing solutions; you’re gaining an extra day – or more – in your business year. 

Rapid 24/7 Turnaround

With time of the essence, especially in the fast-paced business landscape of New York City, choosing ABG Print means choosing a quick turnaround without compromising on quality. Our state-of-the-art printing facilities and streamlined processes ensure that your projects are delivered promptly, giving you the time advantage to stay ahead of your competition. 

On-Demand Printing Advantage

Just as a Leap Year sets itself apart, so does ABG Print when it comes to on-demand printing.   

We understand the intricate planning of conferences and events, spanning weeks, if not months, and yet, it’s the unforeseen last-minute changes that often pose the greatest challenges and expenses. Our team guarantees that your presentations and marketing materials can be swiftly produced, even when time is of the essence. Let us be your go-to resource for handling last-minute conference and event printing needs.   

Indispensable Printing Checklist   

Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about potential print mishaps. Enter ABG’s Indispensable Printing Checklist, specially crafted to ensures the integrity and quality of your digital design is flawlessly print-ready. This checklist covers essential aspects, including file setup, design file checks, proofing, production, and sampling. Armed with this knowledge, the process of preparing print-ready graphic design files means you get a top-quality experience and more time to dedicate to things that really matter in your business. Take a leap toward efficiency by downloading ABG’s Indispensable Printing Checklist today. 

Unlocking Extra Value in Leap Years 

Experience suggests that individuals who strategically utilize the extra day in a Leap Year enjoy enhanced productivity and an improved work-life balance. So this year, don’t just consider how you’re going to take advantage of your one extra day, take the opportunity to consider how you can one-up your year entirely by choosing ABG Print. You’re not merely investing in printing services; you’re investing in a partner that recognizes the value of time and is dedicated to maximizing it for the benefit of your business. 

This year, make the smart move. Choose ABG Print and gain the advantage of an extra day in your business year.  


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