Have you noticed that your digital sales pitches aren’t closing at a high enough rate? Are your potential customers seeming to lose interest and check out of your meetings? It’s a real problem that many businesses are dealing with. Yet, many have discovered that the decision to send print materials in advance to their video sales pitches are helping improve engagement and contracts won!

Since screen time has increased so dramatically over the past year, it is critical to find effective ways to break through the glass screen — and deliver a more meaningful presentation. There are several print materials available that can add significant value to your sales pitch.

Brochures provide an avenue to jump into greater detail regarding your proposal, that can’t be explained during your video sales pitch due to time constraints, technology limitations, or other factors. These multi-page brochures open the door to combining interactive visual graphics with new data insights that break down key selling propositions and consumer pain points.

Handouts come in all shapes and sizes, and offer presenters a mix of optionality. These one to two-page printed materials are versatile and usually, focus and expand on one major component or slide from your digital presence. These handouts often help answer deeper questions that consumers may have following the presentation.

Postcards serve as a great synopsis tool or quick reference to your main presentation points and key takeaways. Potential customers aren’t always going to remember all the important moments from the sales pitch, therefore, a small postcard is a great way to give a rundown of the essentials — plus it acts as a good branding piece.

A few notes to keep in mind when ordering print materials for your next meeting:

  • Make sure your brochures and other materials are printed on heavy, high-quality stock. A good rule of thumb is anything over 30 pounds.
  • Have all brochures or booklets bound.
  • Use semi-gloss, not glossy paper. Glossy paper is too reflective and can be hard to read.
  • Full-color printing is absolutely essential.
  • Have them professionally printed.

Here are four reasons sending print materials in advance can land you a signed deal:

Be Better Than Your Competitors

There is no better first impression than coming to a meeting prepared. Designing and sending custom print materials to your potential customers is a forward-thinking move — and one that is sure to score points off the bat.

This gives you the opportunity to show your investment in them. If you have a sales pitch scheduled, your potential client most likely has 10 other suitors waiting behind you. It’s sometimes the little things that lead a client to decide to do business with you. Leverage these booklets, flyers, pamphlets, etc. to show your attention to detail.

Support Your Presentation

Zoom and Google Meetings are both great tools. Their interfaces allow for easy communication, with the ability to present a variety of visual aids from PowerPoints to video assets. However, when trying to make a sale, the inescapable one-dimensional side to video conferencing can cause things to fall flat — even with presentations that have the most bells and whistles. Print materials add another layer to your sales pitch and serve as a supplemental aid to what is on-screen.

These materials should strongly identify the pain points for your potential customer and highlight how you can provide them a useful solution. It is important to note that this information cannot just be a restatement or copy of what your on-screen presentation says — that adds no value to the customer. Instead, these print materials need to go deeper, providing insights that couldn’t fit into the slideshow but are still worth highlighting.

Create An Emotional Response

Printed materials do something that digital marketing struggles to achieve through a computer or phone screen: execute an emotional response/connection. People traditionally spend more time consuming physical marketing materials compared to digital ads. The ability to generate a deeper more meaningful response, allows advertising materials to become more realistic. This helps video sales pitches better appeal to buying factors that can’t always be triggered through a Zoom call.

Leave Them Thinking About You

Once you leave that video sales pitch, it is easy to be forgotten. Sending print materials in advance is a great tactic for staying on your potential client’s mind well past the 60-minute video conference call.


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