At ABG Print, confidentiality is always on our mind when it comes to your print projects for the financial industry or any other business where secure information is critical. We’ve taken measures to ensure that all your information remains protected — from the moment it arrives in our NYC office or inbox to the moment it’s delivered to you as the final step in the print process.

Strict Protection Policies

We adhere to strict policies and procedures to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information. Our responsive staff is trained to handle confidential information with the utmost care and are required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with all of our clients and as part of the ABG Print internal NDA policy.

With over 25 years in the print business, we take the protection of your information very seriously. ABG Print has implemented key card access to our production facility meaning no visitors are allowed without appointments. This process ensures only authorized personnel have access to your confidential information and materials that come through our office on a daily basis.

ABG Print ensures that all printing remnants are shredded and confidential files are deleted. This procedure helps to prevent any accidental breaches of confidentiality and ensures that all sensitive information remains protected – so we can deliver trust for out customers.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

At ABG Print, we believe that the strictest protection of confidential information is essential in the financial industry including any project where confidentiality is required. We’re dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind that the information contained in your print projects is in safe hands. Whether it’s print materials for board meetings, shareholder presentations, or lender presentations, ABG Print has the expertise and the commitment to deliver professional-quality printing services matched with the strictest confidentiality measures in the NYC area.

We’re confident that our dedication to confidentiality and our strict policies and procedures, combined expert printing on-demand and personal attention, make ABG Print your corporate printing partner and the best choice for all your printing needs.

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