The age of e-commerce and digital marketing has led to an over-reliance on digital ads. It has also resulted in business owners neglecting print advertising and marketing. Contrary to what people think, print advertising still plays a crucial role in e-commerce and improving brand awareness.

Why print advertising still matters.

Print adverts give a more wholesome experience than digital ads. The physical nature of print ads engages more of their senses and has a longer-lasting effect on them. A well-placed ad in the right magazine will be more relevant to your audience and have more impact.

People trust print ads more than digital ads; some may find it hard to believe, but it is true. A survey carried out by marketingsherpa revealed that people trusted print ads more than other forms of advertising.

When we surf the web, we scan through pages and articles in different tabs of our browsers. People pay less attention to the content they read, and the same rule applies to digital ads, which can be annoying sometimes. On the contrary, print ads tend to be less distracting, and readers and your customers focus more on your ad.

Another advantage of print advertising is that they last longer. Magazines, postcards, flyers, and catalogs can last for a long time, moving from hand to hand. Print ads can last for months and even years, doing their jobs long after being printed. They return value over an extended period, but they are a worthwhile investment.

Maximizing print advertising.

Featuring your ads on newspapers, billboards and magazine cost money, and you have to make sure every dime is well spent. You have to optimize your ad to send a clear message to your target audience. It is crucial for getting your brand out there and encourage sales on your site.

Add value to your audience with your ads. You can do this by giving them relevant information about your goods and services. Another great way to add value and incentivize your audience is to use limited coupons.

Lastly, pay attention to colors and design. Vibrant colors and good designs draw attention better than dull looking ads. A good idea would be to let the colors match that of your logo.

Product catalogs.

Catalogs and brochures are a great way of bringing your products/services or your brand a little closer to your audience. Many e-commerce businesses mail catalogs to their customers.

Catalogs have proven to be very useful even in modern times like These. While customers are not in front of a screen or on their phones, they can conveniently scroll through a few pages containing your products.

You can insert catalogs and brochures with your direct mail campaign or when you ship a product to them. They do not have to be bulky. You can choose to include all your products or only the high-selling ones. You should give your potential and existing customers the best experience, and the quality of images and the design says a lot. That is why you need to employ the services of a reputable printing company.

Floor decals.

Floor decals are a cost-effective advertising solution, and they can be used on almost any surface. They adhere to almost all surfaces, wood, concrete, flooring, tiles, etc.

While people walk, it is only natural that they look at the ground. When used in the right places, floor decals or floor graphics can significantly bolster e-commerce and increase your brand awareness.

Depending on how you use them, they can make a bold impression and direct people to your funnels or subtly advertise your brand. They can be made to exactly match your brand or company logo, but you can also get creative with them. Floor decals are also quite durable, and they can last for months, which increases exposure and awareness for longer periods.

AR, QR, and Purls.

A fantastic way to bolster your e-commerce and your brand is through A, QR, and Purls. Leverage augmented reality in your print media to change how people engage with your print ads. It is a fun and more engaging way to get people to know your products or your brand. By simply scanning an image, your brochures, or catalogs, people can watch videos, receive emails, play games, or go to your site to make an order.

QR codes also grant people access to your site to drive sales or improve brand awareness. You can use them in billboards, magazines, newspapers, and any other medium. You can include Personalized URLs when sending direct mails to your customers so they can have a better online experience. You can use Purls and QR codes on print ads to see how well they perform.


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