We’re slowly yet quickly working our way towards the country’s culture-changing over from the “boomers” to the “millennials” and it is very apparent. The improvement of technology in the world in the past 10 years will undoubtedly make this period of time in our future children’s history books be known as the Technology Era. And for good reason. 

Think about the last time you needed something small. Did you hop in your car and head to Target? No, you probably opened your new iPhone and went to the Amazon app. If you aren’t a Prime member, you might have gone straight to the website of whatever you needed. This is honestly just the time period that we’re living in. With that shift in how the world works, so does the way we need to keep the millennial generation engaged since that is the pushing factor in our current way of life. 

There is a common statement, so to speak, that the millennial generation is lazy. When you dig a little bit deeper, you can quickly find out that it really isn’t. Ordering from Amazon instead of going to the store isn’t what you can necessarily call lazy, but proactive. If you could do the same task, yet simpler, wouldn’t you? 

Millennials are constantly moving. They are constantly on the run, and constantly using technology to help them move place to place. Even the simplest routines, like watching television come with the use of an app and more technology than a cable box. 

Here are a few ways that can help to keep a millennial engaged.

Have, and promote flexibility.

The old days of an office space working in a 9-5, Monday through Friday capacity seems all but done.

Take this for example. You are 29, already have a company computer, and have 2 weeks to finish projections on sales numbers through the end of quarter 1. You have no meetings between Tuesday and Thursday because of this deadline. You also live a 35-minute drive away from the office into a busy city with tons of rush hour traffic and have to be there at 8:30 am. If you aren’t interacting with anyone in the office, and need to get this work done, why go? 

Working remotely, or from home is becoming a trend that millennials are thriving with. Providing that flexibility to be able to work remotely is something to keep millennials engaged. The production levels have actually increased because they aren’t felt to drag out work, because of the clock. 

Keep in mind, this helps a company’s bottom line! Less in-office workers cut down on certain costs related to the housing of a full-time employee. 

Minimizing the necessity for the typical “9-5”

Piggy-backing off of the previous section, flexibility, minimizing the typical 9-5 work hours has pushed millennials to work harder, and more efficiently. Let’s think about technology in this scenario. If I, as a 29-year-old, can navigate a computer and phone like second nature and am able to put together a presentation that is exactly the same as someone of the older generations, what reason would there be for me to sit in the office for 6 hours if I can be done in 2? That entire thought process runs through a majority of millennials today. The quality of work is the exact same, but the time used is significantly less. 

It’s 2 pm on a Wednesday, and it’s 70 degrees, no clouds, and no humidity. Wouldn’t you rather be on a golf course? Well, what’s holding you back? That 9-5 monotony. If you can provide 40 hours of HIGH-QUALITY work throughout the week, why shouldn’t you be able to utilize that time to enjoy yourself? These are the little aspects that will help someone make a millennial engaged, happy, and excited to be with that organization. 

Institution of More Technology

We are currently living in the Apple generation. iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple TV, Apple Watch, everything is Apple. Everything is intertwined, and almost everyone uses it. There are still your outliers that prefer Samsung, or some other type of Droid device, but those are few and far between. 

The increase in technology and utilization puts millennials in the driver seat. They are able to help the older generations navigate the world of technology while learning about the nuances of the “un-teachables” within a certain industry. There is a give and take that allows a millennial to feel engaged because they are learning and teaching at the same time. 

Everything millennial use is most likely an app on their cell phone. Ordering food, ordering an Uber, plane tickets, dinner reservations, tickets to a sports game. Everything is on their cell phone. Instituting this in the workplace helps to include their everyday actions to the office.

The Use of Appreciation and Reaffirmation

Yes, everyone loves to be recognized for great work. In 1975, if you went over the top and worked 65 hours every week to make up for time lost because of people missing work, being sick, or there was a big project that you really helped to put together you could be considered the employee of the month. This would come with a nice picture up on the wall for you and your co-workers to see. 

Think about 2020, and what a picture on the wall of a company with 20 employees means for you. It means the other 19 employees recognize your great work. Now picture what a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post means for someone who went above and beyond their daily duties. It means that hundreds of thousands of people will be able to see what you did to go above and beyond. 

That use of technology will make them work harder so that they stand out more. Being the focus of a LinkedIn appreciation post is more appealing and rewarding to a millennial than a picture on a wall. 

Adjust, Overcome and Adapt

Yes, business and the world outside have thrived for centuries in the United States maintaining course, and changing due to technology. The business hasn’t changed for the difference in generations quite like it has today. The millennials of the United States will quickly become the leaders and power players of our country and the time to adapt is now. 

Forcing a 50-year-old company policy on someone that has different ideals will ensure the lowest production possible. 

Making sure that millennials are engaged, willing, and ready to work is one of the most important aspects of today’s culture and the success of the world around them. 


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