Covid-19 has changed how we live, socialize, and work, and it has had a serious impact on the economy. To keep the economy afloat, businesses and organizations have taken workplace health and safety as a top priority.

Keeping workers and customers safe from infectious disease is no small task, and we must do so in the best of environments.

Safety First: Workplace Safety During Covid

Safety in the workplace has reached new heights since the advent of the global pandemic. It is needless to say that workers and customers have to abide by the Covid-19 guidelines.

Covid-19 response products help prevent the spread of infection and promote workplace safety. The use of face coverings and other PPE is mandatory for customers and all members of staff. As an employer, you have to provide workers with protective equipment against coronavirus.

Handwashing practices or the use of hand sanitizer should be highly encouraged among workers. Handwashing stations should be easily accessible, and hand sanitizers should be adequately supplied.

Regular cleaning of all areas in the workspace should be done to eliminate viruses and other pathogens on surfaces.

Keeping to the guidelines also entails that workers and customers are checked for Covid 19 symptoms. This involves daily temperature readings with a scanning thermometer and carrying out health surveys for workers. Workers showing signs of sickness such as fever, coughing, or sneezing, should be sent home immediately.

Finally, social distancing must be maintained. It is mandated that a distance of at least 6 ft be kept from others.

3 Social Distance Design Ideas

Maintaining the obligatory distance at the workplace need not be a somber practice. These social distance design ideas can make things more lively in the workplace.

Promote team spirit with workplace safety signs

One way to make the office more comfortable and productive while socially distancing is to boost morale. Safety signs used in the workplace don’t have to be overly serious or dreadful, as this can increase anxiety among staff.

Studies have shown that improved morale reduces stress, which, in turn, make employees more comfortable and improve productivity. The great thing is, this can be done in simple but yet effective ways.

Social distance signs can motivate workers even as they improve safety awareness in the workplace. Using simple words of encouragement such as ‘together we can!’ can have uplifting effects on workers and customers.

Communicate more effectively with floor decals

Floor decals are useful in passing information across to people. Beyond their use in marketing and advertising, they are great social distance signs. They help to de-congest areas with high foot traffic and maintain the required distance. Use them to establish order and avoid confusion at different locations in your business.

Floor logos and graphics also serve as useful reminders to subtly encourage people to abide by Covid19 protocols such as using face masks and handwashing.

Pay attention to the colors you choose for floor stickers or floor decals. Colors are known to affect people psychologically. Greens and blues can make people feel calm, while colors like yellow, orange, and red can make people feel warm, happy, or excited.

Remodel office spaces

Remodeling office spaces for social distancing means that you will need more room to accommodate workers. An excellent way to get around this problem is to convert areas that are seldom used to offices. This means that training and conference rooms will do the trick.

This, coupled with flexible working hours, means fewer people are at work, and the risk of infection is greatly reduced. It also makes things a little more convenient for your staff.

Let your customers and employees know you are prepared

At a time like this, your workers and customers need to be guaranteed of their safety and health.

The way to let your customers and employees know you are prepared is by effectively communicating with them. Carry them along every step of the way.

Take advantage of virtual channels to reach across to customers. Send them messages through emails or communicate with them through social media. You can also do this by updating your website. Keep them abreast of the steps taken and let them know you have spared nothing to make your business or organization completely safe.

The real assessment takes place when customers and workers are physically present at your establishment.


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