One of the developments of the global pandemic that is sure to persist into the post-COVID world is how businesses can use floor graphics to increase sales. While it might sound crass, companies around the country inadvertently conditioned customers to look at the floor for direction and guidelines on how to shop safely. 

Obviously, during the pandemic the primary use of floor graphics has been to demarcate where individuals should stand while waiting to checkout. But there have been other creative uses as well and some of those uses can even increase sales. Now that people will be looking at the floor when they shop for the foreseeable future, business owners and retailers might as well take advantage of the opportunity and use floor graphics to their advantage. Here are three ways to do that.

1. Always Brand Your Floor Graphics

The first thing you need to do in order to increase sales via floor graphics is to make sure you include your brand’s logo in the graphic. Not only will this increase brand awareness but it will help your customers associate your brand with the message of the floor graphic (safety, creativity, philanthropy, etc.). 

A well placed floor graphic with your company’s logo next to a strong message can do wonders.

2. Use Floor Graphics to Showcase Your Latest Promotions and Deals

Another thing you can do with floor graphics to increase sales is use them to showcase your current promotions and sales. There is plenty of evidence that shows a significant percentage of purchases aren’t decided upon until actually inside the store. A well-crafted and well-placed floor graphic can easily convert another customer. 

Floor graphics are a relatively inexpensive way to communicate with your customers. If done well, floor graphics can also be durable and last a long time. There are very few uses of precious marketing dollars that will outperform floor graphics that highlight the products you want to move.

3. Direct Your Customers to the Products You Want them to Buy

Because people are already accustomed to let floor graphics direct them where to go and where to stand, your business can do the same and actually use floor graphics to direct customers to the products you want them to buy. 

Whether it be arrows, foot prints, or a trail leading to the section or aisle where the product is located, you can cue your customers in to where the good stuff is. 

The Future is Floor Graphics

Floor graphics aren’t going anywhere and can be a fun and easy way to communicate a variety of things to your customers. If you want floor graphics to help increase your sales make sure to:

  • Include your brand’s logo
  • Showcase your latest promotions and deals
  • Direct your customers to the products you want them to buy

All of this can be done for a reasonable price compared to other marketing products, and with people used to looking at floor graphics, you know they will be effective. 


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