Not everyone likes to admit it, but first impressions do indeed matter. Like it or not, we all judge a book by its cover – literally! That’s why your sales booklets and pitch presentations must leave an immediate and lasting impression on recipients. They must also showcase your creativity while reflecting the professionalism of your company to prospective clients. Bottom Line: ABG Print makes all your sales collateral impossible to ignore. 

In a Bind About Leaving a Great First Impression?

Bookbinding rarely receives the recognition it deserves – but at ABG Print, it’s a priority. Why? Because flawless binding in any sales piece reveals more than you may think about your company and how it conducts business – that is, with attention to every meticulous detail.  

Demanding clients traditionally demand the best. So ABG Print has 9 proven and cost-efficient ways to impress potential new clients with your presentations. We also know, from over 30 years of experience, which types of binding work best with which types of sales materials. Our bindery department also excels at meeting tight deadlines and exceeding your expectations. Located in the Garment District of New York City and open 24 hours a day, from Sunday to Friday, we provide: 

  1. Twin-loop wire binding, also known as known as duo-wire or wire-o binding, is very durable and allows booklets to lay completely flat for maximum readability. It’s ideal for powerpoint presentations, pitch books and more. ABG Print offers black, blue, white and silver-colored wire bindings as standard. Or, you can specially order gold, gray, green, pewter or red wires to make your publications stand out even more. 
  2. Perfect binding sees the pages and cover glued together at the spine, providing a professional look for any publication that’s sure to impress. The technology produces vibrant, striking soft-cover, and is the “perfect” solution for a variety of documents. 
  3. Saddle-stitch binding is one of the most popular binding methods for a wide range of publications using any weight of paper. It’s an inexpensive way to give your finished products a professional, highly readable look. Every page is precisely cut, collated and stapled. 
  4. Hardcover binding produces stunning and memorable sales materials. Pages are either sewn into the spine or bound into a block using a special book-binding adhesive. Our process produces visually impressive, high-quality books with superior durability.
  5. Landscape saddle-stitch binding is one of the most popular binding methods and works with virtually all paper weights. It’s an impactful way to give your presentations a professional, highly readable look. Every page is precisely cut, collated and carefully stapled.
  6. Spiral/Coil binding creates flexible, highly readable sales pieces. Also called coil-binding, the process allows a book to lay flat and offers a 360-degree rotation for easy note-taking. This binding style is ideal for a host of media and produces user-friendly, functional documents.
  7. Square back binding is ideal for publications, reports and presentations ranging from 28-120 pages, and can accommodate any paper weight. The process results in a sophisticated and clean look at a fraction of the cost of perfect binding, without sacrificing quality.
  8. Velo binding secures larger documents with two thin, durable plastic strips. The process yields an attractive, polished look for all your reports, proposals, legal documents, guides and more. It’s also ideal for protecting documents containing sensitive or confidential data.
  9. Staple binding (stitching) is a basic process used to assemble quick-reference reports, newsletters, guides, and other business documents with a clean and simple finish. This bind is typically placed in the upper left corner. Our staple binding service is an inexpensive alternative for securing documents that don’t need full-spine binding.

Create a lasting impression with ABG Print’s selection of bookbinding techniques. 

At ABG Print, we’re actually delighted when you judge a book by its cover – because we specialize not just in superior quality printing and high-end print-finishing embellishments, but in secure and flawless binding as well. 

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