Restaurants and bars have been some of the hardest hit since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year. They are gradually reopening, and measures have been put in place to keep them safe for customers and workers.

These measures involve the use of Covid response products and complying to health and safety practices. Let’s take a look at how to improve safety in the workplace…

What are the guidelines for your restaurant?

We can’t cover the full details in this post, but these are the basic guidelines to follow:

Workspace health and safety

Before you reopen your bar or restaurant, you need to be informed on how to improve safety in the workplace.

Your restaurant or bar should always be kept in immaculate conditions. All areas surface needs to be disinfected regularly with EPA approved disinfectants. High-contact surfaces are a hotspot for germs and viruses, and they include doorknobs, tabletops, chairs, and windows.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting surfaces kill lingering germs and viruses and reduce the chance of their spread. It also assures customers and guests that their safety is your number one priority.

Establish screening protocols for your workers. This can be done by using a health survey and taking their temperatures every day. People showing signs of sickness should be sent home. Sick workers that can’t be sent home immediately should be isolated till the end of their shifts.

Wearing of face covering and other PPE

Face covering should be used by customers and workers at all times. This extends to guests who dine outdoors. They can take off their masks only when eating and drinking.

Only people with medical or mental conditions preventing them from using face covering are exempted.

Social distancing

The guidelines given by the DOH requires that restaurants operate at a reduced capacity. This can be as low as 25% depending on where you live.

Working at this capacity can be achieved by social distancing. Workers must maintain a distance of at least 6ft or 2m from each other. The same rule applies to customers.
However, you can take advantage of the sidewalks and parks or any other space you have if you need to accommodate more customers.

Additional protection and protocol

Pests have always posed a serious threat to public health and food safety. Their presence can have devastating effects on your business. You should ensure they are eliminated before you reopen your restaurant or bar. Also, food safety should be prioritized.

What products are necessary?

These Covid response products are needed to reduce the spread of the disease and ensure proper safety practices.

PPE: Employees should use masks, shields, gloves and other protective equipment at all times. The employer is responsible for providing workers with PPE.

Social distancing signs: Signs have become a must-have for restaurants, bars, and other establishments. Use these Covid-19 response products to improve safety awareness in the workspace.

Floor decals or floor logos are particularly useful in areas with foot traffic. You need them to properly space customers at checkout points or in other places.

Safety signs: Safety signs should be used to encourage regular handwashing and other safety practices.

Hand soap, sanitizers, and disinfectants: Handwashing stations should be placed at strategic locations such as the entrances, exit, and the restrooms. Sanitizers should also be adequately provided for guests and workers.

Infrared thermometers: In line with worker and customer safety, infrared scanning thermometers should be used to detect early signs of Covid 19 infection. Check the temperatures of your workers and customers before they come in.

Barriers: Physical barriers are effective in reducing the spread of airborne droplets, and the demand for them has drastically risen in the wake of Covid-19. They can be used at the cash registry and between dining areas. They help maximize the indoor space in your bar or restaurant.

Keeping your restaurant light and enjoyable for your guests.

Although the times are a bit gloomy, you can make your restaurant more enjoyable and leave customers with smiles when they leave.

An excellent way to start is by warmly welcoming your guests and genuinely thanking them when they about to leave. Pay attention to their requests and needs. Be more hospitable.

Improve the ambiance, pay attention to the lighting and colors. Also, liven up the atmosphere with some music. Your choice of music should match the mood of your bar or restaurant. Another good tip is to choose friendly workplace stickers and signs.

Respecting your guest space while proving the best service.

One way to improve guests experience is to facilitate contactless/mobile payments. This can be done by using NFC, scanning a QR code, or a URL provided by your restaurants. By doing this, you reduce further risk of exposure to customers and workers.

Online ordering is a quick and more convenient way for guests to get food. They go through your menu, order, and make payments online or at your restaurant.

This means more people can be served, and they spend less time and are happier. It is a win-win for everyone.



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