Back in 2018, the National Forest Foundation launched its “50 Million for Our Forests” campaign, where they aim to plant 50 million new trees across the country. These trees are being planted in national forests across the nation where native tree species have been lost or reduced in number due to problems like wildfires. Here at ABG Print, we understand how important our environment is to our world and trees are a natural resource we can’t afford to ignore. That’s why we have decided to become a small business partner with the National Forest Foundation, working together to get 50 million new trees planted.

Here’s how it works. For every print project, we purchase trees for the National Forest Foundation to plant. One newly planted tree offsets the production of roughly 8,500 sheets of paper!

Since launching its campaign three years ago, the National Forest Foundation has planted over 15 million trees — with 8 million more expected to be planted in 2021. These trees are being planted and introduced in national forests from coast to coast — from California to North Carolina, helping restore and breathe new life into regional environments that have been damaged in recent years.

Taking care of our environment is important — and we’re ready to do something about it. By working to offset our carbon footprint, and bring awareness and visibility to this mission, we are looking forward to a healthier, more sustainable climate for all.

Being a print shop, we are aware of the scarcity and true value of paper products. Paper has been one of the most revolutionary inventions in human history — and will continue to play a role well into the future. Just think, in your everyday life, how much paper you touch or depend on. From education to entertainment to employment, paper is a lynchpin in our daily lives.

However, with millions of trees being cut down daily across the world, we need to do our part in protecting this natural resource, as it works to protect us! The National Forest Foundation states that 100 trees can remove over 430 pounds of air pollutants annually. U.S. forests are responsible for offsetting 10 to 20 percent of U.S. emissions each year.

But the value of trees extends beyond carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen production. This resource is instrumental in the protection and health of all types of watersheds — helping fight erosion and filter water supplies. Trees and forests specifically, provide a suitable wildlife habitat for countless species. One benefit that gets commonly overlooked regarding trees is the health benefits they provide us. Forests and recreational parks offer an outdoor escape for us to explore. They give us a place to get physical exercise through hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and more. But the impact extends beyond physical health and touches our mental health as well. Spending more time outdoors is linked to reduced stress levels and an increased sense of happiness.

This mission affects every single one of us, and it needs more awareness — and more trees! Here at ABG Print, we are excited to invest in the future of our environment, one project at a time. Even if you aren’t in need of a print project anytime soon, you can still get involved with this mission by donating as an individual to help the National Forest Foundation climb closer it goal. Together, let’s lend a helping hand to our friends in the forest.

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