Printing security probably isn’t one of the first things you think about when it comes to digital security. Today, so much business happens online. From payment transactions to the sharing of private credentials, and more – nearly every business is reliant on the internet. However, as with most things, downsides exist.

IT security isn’t something that everyone prioritizes or even thinks about – until a breach or intrusion happens. Many businesses have poor IT security practices, both from a software standpoint, but also from unsafe employee habits. Printing is an area that is often taken for granted in regards to digital security. Yet, valuable information can rather easily be hacked when certain safeguards or malfunctions are ignored.

How Printing Can Be Dangerous

Every day, sensitive information is passed through a printer, and just like any other device on your business network, if the device or network is not properly protected – major information breaches can occur. The security of an in-house printing device normally isn’t the first thought when it comes to securing a network and all the related devices. However, printer vulnerabilities have proven to be a legitimate access point for hackers. Here are a few ways in-house printing can leave your business open to attack:

  • Outdated firmware enables credentials to become more easily compromised.
  • When multiple print and mobile devices are connected, data can often be lost in motion. As a result, the vulnerability to access unauthorized data also increases posing greater threats to the business.
  • Poor employee/user management can leave a printer vulnerable through things like phishing scams or poor password protection.

How to Practice Printing Security

The necessity to print isn’t going anywhere, therefore, businesses need to implement the right safety measures, or take their printing needs somewhere that can provide the right level of security – ABG Print does that.

We take every client’s printing needs seriously. Their information security is always top of mind, regardless if confidential or sensitive information plays a part. There are several ways we mitigate printing breaches and information leaking.

User Controls & Access

One of the biggest threats to any network or device is the number of hands that touch it. When you come to us for your printing needs, we limit the flow of traffic to ensure only your people are around while printing information is being created. With appointment only service and key card access required, we ensure that your information is only being shared and printed by our team and you.

Highly Trained Team

To help with your printing needs, we employ a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced printing professionals that are well versed in printing security. Our team is contractually bound to keep all sensitive information safe and confidential. We have worked with countless businesses and individuals to regularly produce their print projects, all while keeping their business’s private information safe from outside threats.

Enhanced Security Protocols & Corporate Printing Portal

Our regularly monitored print network takes every possible step to prevent a breach of both the software and the human error side. The transmission of files without encryption is risky behavior that many businesses engage in. Sending information via email is not 100 percent secure, and is never recommended for sharing documents or media containing confidential information. Corporate print portals offer a safe, secure, and personalized environment for businesses to communicate with print shops, like us here at ABG Print.

These custom portals enable encrypted file sharing, direct payment ability, asset storage, on-the-spot pricing, and quick project ordering. This portal system provides the safest and simplest way for businesses to outsource their printing needs – keeping their business safe from breaches, all while getting their project done efficiently.


We make it easy and stress free.