Have you ever heard of a corporate printing portal? If not, you’re not alone. Up until recently, when businesses were in need of print materials they would find a print shop and call them to inquire about services and pricing. From there, the business would work with the print shop via phone and email to place an order. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this process (we love talking with our customers!), we know that there is a faster and easier way to handle regular printing needs.

A corporate printing portal is a custom online database that allows businesses to have direct access to their print-ready materials. This portal gives businesses the ability to order materials at the press of a button, adjust orders without having to contact the print shop, save design assets, get instant pricing, track the order status, and more.

More and more businesses are opting to have a custom printing portal set up in order to save time and associated costs. A corporate printing portal works for any type of business in any industry, and helps best serve clients who are in regular need of new print materials for their internal and external purposes. Some of these business types include hotels, retail stores, and restaurants.

Why You Should Use a Corporate Print Portal

The simple answer is — it makes your life easier. A corporate printing portal is fully customizable and scalable to your specific business needs. Here are four major ways a printing portal can better your business:

“No Surprise” Pricing

The use of a printing portal enables the print shop to eliminate some supply chain costs that are built into traditional print orders. This results in pricing being more cost-effective and consistent for businesses that are in a constant printing cycle.

Waste Reduction

Buying in bulk has most often been an offering to cut costs. However, when printed materials are ordered in large sums in an effort to save money, quantities of printed materials may become outdated and unusable. With a printing portal, businesses can order materials in the necessary sizes without incurring paper waste and possible money loss.

User Convenience

Today’s digital world is fast-paced. Businesses are looking for ways to increase productivity and save time. A corporate printing portal provides 24/7 access for the business, instant pricing, on-demand print ordering, á la carte order selection, and more.

Consumer Control

The use of a printing portal puts the power of printing in the hands of the business. With the option of access controls to delegate viewing and ordering responsibilities among team members, ordering materials can be done by as many or as few people as necessary. A printing portal enables businesses to house their creative assets, upload new documents, and have full control over their material needs on a day-to-day basis.

You Should Use a Corporate Printing Portal

Printing portals are quickly becoming an industry standard, as both print shops and clients mutually benefit. ABG Print is able to set up a custom portal for your business and give you a new level of convenience and transparency with all your printing needs. Contact us to learn how to get started.


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