What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

As the leading print service in the NYC area, ABG Print is proud to deliver a variety of high-quality print solutions. One of the most popular offerings for companies, financial services and legal firms is Pitch Book printing. At ABG, we produce Pitch Books that clearly, simply, and efficiently showcase the unique features and information that clients, prospects, and investors need to make a decision in your favor. Although the content varies from customer to customer, Pitch Books are known to feature graphics, case studies, data and quotes to present educational information in a way that’s easy for readers to understand.

When it comes to choosing a Pitch Book to complement client presentations, the reasons essentially boil down to:

  • A physical copy of presentation that’s easy to hold;
  • A presentation that’s easy to read and re-read;
  • The ease of transporting or passing the presentation to others; and,
  • The ability to present a professional and visually-appealing proposal.

Order a complimentary custom Pitch Book and you’ll automatically receive a $25 gift card.

Pitch Books are great references that complement your slide presentation and provide specific answers via clear visual graphics. Some of our customers even use Pitch Books as marketing and sales assets to help educate current and potential clients to purchase a service.

While each Pitch Book is unique, the average length runs about 10 to 15 pages for a typical one-hour presentation. The beauty of Pitch Books is that additional supporting documentation can be placed in the appendix so it doesn’t bog down the overall message. Plus, you can add interactive elements, like QR codes, that steer the reader online to access even more information and content like videos, ROI calculators, and more.

Based on our professional experience, to get the ‘wow’ factor Pitch Books should be printed on high-quality paper and polished with a professional, glossy finish. Color is a requisite to make graphics and illustrations come alive on the page and make a strong impact to drive the information home.

With so many options to choose from, our professional staff provides the expertise you need to create your custom Pitch Book based on your unique presentation. We have solutions for spiral bound statistics booklets, sell sheets, perfect bound proposals, complete with marketing postcards and team member business cards, and many more creative offerings.

In our experience, Pitch Book content often comes down to the wire before any major client, legal, or financial presentation. Whether it’s waiting for approval from a key stakeholder, late breaking financials, or even last-minute executive feedback, ABG Print is well prepared to provide the required flexibility and professional courtesy to tackle late-breaking changes that often occur – around the clock and on the dot. Our production facility is located in a secure commercial office building with key card access only for authorized staff. We offer signed NDA agreements and hand-deliver projects anywhere in the NYC area. Our production staff takes extra measures to ensure the security of your project, including shredding leftover pieces and deleting confidential files.

ABG Print is the best-in-class printer for corporations in NYC. Our fast turnaround times, professional staff, convenient and secure printing services, and commitment to meeting the needs of clients make us the ideal choice for all your corporate Pitch Book printing needs.

If you have a Pitch Book on your to-do list, we recommend that you download ABG’s Indispensable Printing Checklist for sure-fire success. This helpful tool guides you through the preparation process step-by-step, including: File Setup Checks, Design File Checks, Proofing Checks, Production Checks and Sampling Checks. This printing checklist ensures that the integrity of the digital design for your Pitch Book is flawlessly print-ready.

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