Creating a file with crop marks shouldn’t be difficult! Here are a few tips on how to make crop marks in your documents.


Open a new document and find the “Bleed and Slug” section at the bottom of the new document window. Adjust this size to 3mm. Press OK. That will serve as your bleed/crop mark reminder. Then, when finished designing, begin saving your design as a print-ready file (File > Adobe PDF Presets > [Press Quality]). Name your file and select the save location. Then, select “pages” rather than “spreads.” Once there, click “Marks and Bleeds” on the left of the panel and check the box for “crop marks” and the box for “use document bleed settings.” Finally, click “save preset” and export the document!


Start by creating a new file by immediately clicking “File>Save As.” Name said file and choose save location. Then select “Adobe PDF Preset”>”Press Quality.” Next, find and click on “Marks and Bleeds” on the left panel and check the box for “Trim Marks.” After that, uncheck box for “Use Document Bleed Settings” and make these all 3mm (or 5mm). Finally, click “Save PDF” and you’re done.


Open Tools > Print Production > Set Page Boxes. Choose TrimBox under Apply to and enter .25 in Top, Bottom, Left, and Right fields. Click OK. Then you should see a guideline box showing the dimensions you entered. Next, click Add Printer Marks, then click the box next to Trim Marks, choose Default style and .25 for Line Weight, click OK. You will see an error box come up saying that the crop marks may overlap the artwork, this is ok, proceed. Now you should see the crop marks outside of the guideline for the TrimBox. Save your file.

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